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The Blood Covenant – Pastor Nathan Searles

Pastor Nathan begins a powerful teaching on "The Blood Covenant". Our only requirement is to reach out and take, by faith, what Jesus has provided and purchased for us with His own blood - Purity, Protection, and Provision are all major promises and benefits for the...

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Come To Me – Pastor Nathan Searles

Pastor Nathan teaches out of Exodus 33 which is a vivid picture of how God takes care of His people. Our Father in Heaven wants to give us rest but we struggle believing this truth by striving in our daily lives to control our circumstances.  Jesus said my yoke is...

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Faith vs. Fear – Pastor Nathan Searles

Pastor Nathan shares a prophetic word for the church and leads us in prayer to get free from the fears that hold us back from experiencing the true freedom that Jesus won for us on the cross.  Something amazing happened in this service as the Lord's presence filled...

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The Power of Joy – Kelly Roy-Williams

Kelly Roy-Williams shares how the power of joy is a lifeline that the Lord has given us to navigate and sustain us through challenging times.  Joy in the Greek actually means "Calm" and we know we are living from Joy when we have that inner calm that Jesus had even...

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The Power of Choice – Pastor Nathan Searles

Pastor Nathan reminds us that we have the "Power of Choice" and we can choose life and blessing and that God has already "Chosen To Bless Us" from the beginning when he created man and woman in the garden according to Geneses 1:26 & 28. Please click on the "Sermon of...

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